Joey & Patti Romero have served in Ghana since 2004. Their primary desire is to see disciples made among the people in the rural areas of Ghana.

Why Ghana?

Our Father loves His children. He shows them what He is doing. It is His way of inviting His child to take His hand and go to work. When Patti and I were given the opportunity to serve on a short term trip to West Africa, His invitation was given through villagers who had trusted Jesus for salvation. One chief of a remote jungle village in Ghana said, “We do not have a church, but if you will come and start one, I will come.” He was not alone. Others made similar requests. We left Ghana with a burden. We shared that burden with Fairdale Baptist Church. They prayed and the Lord’s confirmation was given through this local church. We shared the burden with others, and the Lord made provision. Grace was needed for us to leave our three precious children. The Lord of grace met the need. Patti and I and Holistic Christian Ministry’s mission team have taken His hand. He is doing great things so that we marvel daily at His works. This is our answer to, “Why Ghana?”