Naynay's Account

Brettnay loving one of the babies of Kotokata.

This is Brettnay Bouse's account of her trip this summer with Holistic Christian Ministry. I hope that you will take time to read all about what God did, and what God showed her.

Mission Trip to Ghana, West-Africa 2013

July 29, 2013: the traveling begins. It was a long, exhausting flight. I never rested well. The flight from London to Accra was an interesting one though. I have never seen so many wealthy Ghanaians before. They were cluttered on our plane with many babies crying/sleeping in their laps. Their clothes were in one piece with not a stain in sight. Is that what life is like in the city? Only hours away from a village with no electricity and poverty in every home. They were still just as nice, it's just hard to swallow when you have experienced and loved the complete opposite.

We finally got to Accra and that airport is as always chaotic. We waited in long lines and searched and searched for our luggage. We lost one tote. That's not bad at all compared to last year's three, but that one tote was pretty critical. I am leading the crafts again this year, and all of the supplies was locked away in that one tote. My heart aches. All of the supplies and ideas for the crafts were gone.

When we left the airport I felt the humid cool air on my skin and it sinks in... I'm back. Vincent is there to greet us and we load all of our luggage onto the Landrover and Nissan and prepare to leave when the Nissan will not start. As the Ghanaians say: no problem. After 30 minutes we are on the road. The ride to Kotokata is a very long ride. We did not get home until 3:30 the next morning. As exhausted as I was, I could not sleep. I woke up early and watched out of the windows. The first person I recognized was Etche. He was walking around the Land Rover pointing at the different parts and talking to his self. Typical Etche. Oh how I have missed his sweet hugs and funky smell. After more of the village woke up I walked outside with Lacey and Katherine. The first one to approach us was sweet sweet Josephine. It was still hard to get her to smile, but her ...Read More!