July 1, 2013 Update

Dear Mission Team,

One Request!

. I have one request that I hope you will do for us. We are transferring all of our contacts to a secure mail service called Mail Chimp to ensure that we will not lose you and need you to update your contact info by clicking on this link http://hcmweb.org/mailing-list/. (note: I lost all of you last year when my Outlook crashed in August and recovery was time consuming, incomplete and costly). Thank you so much for your continued faithfulness to being informed and engaged in the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You are the best.

We have some great family and mission news!

. After nine months of delay after delay, Agnes has received an invitation from United States Immigration office in Houston, TX to take her Oath of Allegiance for citizenship next Friday morning June 7th. After she gets her Certificate of Citizenship, she can apply for a US passport and after her leg heals, we are good to go!

. Rejoice Vivor was released from FOCOS hospital and is home with her family.

. A half mile of 3" pipe has been delivered to the village of Havenu and they are digging in earnest to bring clean water.

. After three weeks of delays, our forty foot container of Build.a.Buckets, rice, beans and supplies will load next Thursday and ETA Ghana is July 16th.

. The Ligbi language primers for grades four and five have been published and delivered. A new written language is given life.

. Tony Romero has been hard at work and Holistic Christian Ministry has a new web site that is simple, engaging and located at www.hcmweb.org. Check it out.

. A new worship structure for the Agortakpo Church has been erected in time for rainy season.


. Emily Koch will be loving the Vietnamese people for two weeks as she teaches English. Please join us as we pray for the Gospel to be lived out in her and the team Jesus is sending to Southeast Asia.

. Agnes has had a stubborn sore on her leg that needs to heal. Please join us as we pray that our Lord will provide.

. Pray for Bible translator Joshua Asegebo as he labors to bring the Bible to the 19,000 unreached Ligbi people.

. Pray for our Disciple Makers team that will be learning how to make disciples that make disciples in Port Arthur and Ghana this July and August.